Nonfiction Writing Project

School Visit Brochure (pdf)

This project teaches research as well as writing skills to students in 4th or 5th grade. Since teachers and the Library Media Specialist need to take leadership roles in research, it is necessary that they meet with me in a 50 minute training session where I will outline all of the necessary steps, share the research tools I recommend (no purchase required) and we jointly set a date when the research will have been completed and I will return. Teachers will pair up students and each pair will select one animal to study, from a prepared list.

When the research is completed, I will return to give an assembly for all students who participate in the project and conduct the actual writing sessions with critique (70 minutes per class). Students will write the first page or close to that and complete their writing later on in their class. Each class will create a book about “Amazing Animals,” or “Fabulous Animals,” whatever title they choose. The covers will be in color, laminated and the books 3 hole punched or spiral ring bound.

I’ll be glad to help with proposal writing for funding, if a school needs this help.The cost for 2 classes of students to participate is $1,500 and since 3 or more classes will require a second day, there will be an additional charge of $600 for 3 classes and $700 for 4.

Fiction Writing Workshops

Thank-you Note from a Student
Students in any grade (2 to 5) can participate in an assembly type session for up to 3 classes where I discuss plot, character development, time and place and other aspects of building a story. I use excerpts from my own books and those of other authors to illustrate writing tips I share. Then I meet with each class separately and students work in pairs to write the first page of their story, collaborating as they go along. During the second part of the writing session, one of the pair reads what has been written and I provide critique with lots of encouragement. This is a fun exercise and it helps build confidence and enthusiasm for writing. If a school has more than 2 classes per grade, part or all of the next day needs to be scheduled.