Betty Tatham has loved animals since she was a little girl and she now enjoys doing research and writing about them.  She likes to dig for facts in the library, on the Internet, and most of all on-site.  She has observed penguins, pandas, sea otters and many African animals where they live, either in zoos, aquariums or in the wild. See Photo Gallery. But of all her author activities, Betty enjoys school visits and sharing her books, writing tips and nonfiction stories and pictures of animals with children most of all. (Grades K-6).

Betty’s most famous book is Penguin Chick.It has been read by more than two million children in their third grade reading textbook and in 2011 it was also published in an anthology for second graders. By 2020 more than 5 million children will most likely have read Penguin Chick in school and many others have and will read it at home. It has also been translated into Japanese and Korean and it will soon be translated into Spanish and Chinese. Betty loves hearing from students about what they like best about her books and she likes to get suggestions from them on what animal they would like her to write about in the future. Teachers sometimes have a whole class write to Betty Tatham and she always answers and sends a couple of pictures of animals she took in Africa, but it may take a few weeks to get her e-mail. She expanded this website to give some of the answers to questions students have often asked about how she became an author, what her favorite animal is (an emperor penguin) and she added the photo gallery.

Before becoming an author, Betty Tatham directed 3 YWCAs for a total of 24 years in NJ, Utah and in Holland, PA where she lives with her husband. At the YWCA of Bucks County, she started reading, writing and tutoring programs to help children enjoy school more and become better readers and writers. She is now a full time author, but she also volunteers to help children and protect animals and the environment.

Anthologies with Penguin Chick

by Houghton Mifflin
For Second Grade
Published in 2011
by McGraw-Hil
For 3rd Grade
Published in 2006
  Reading Street
For 3rd Grade
Published in 2005